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Specify where you've saved the downloaded 3. While restoring, an error will occur, don't panic!! Thanks to gangsta and pappajohn for pointing that out, as i'm not a windows person 9. When you are left with command line empty, type in the following: Have a SIM card inserted in your iPhone. Hoping that i've made someone's day and that my instructions was easy to follow.

Kindly post me your feedback. Enjoy your back to life jailbroken and activated 3. Like 0. Originally Posted by rafay. Start iRecovery in Terminal Mac or cmd Windows and type: When you are left with a empty command line, type in the following: MC model iphone, updated firmware to 3. For Windows, please make sure to install libusb file contained in the zipped file after extraction.

Click on Start 2. Run 3. Type in cmd "Hit enter" 4. When the command line opens, cd to the location where you've extracted the iRecovery zipped file. When you are there, type in irecovery -s 6. Kindly proceed with the rest of the steps mentioned above. Tried your method on windows 7 and windows xp.

Hi, I did all the steps BaLiaN suggested. I did everything correctly but my Touch still goes back into recovery mode. Does it make a difference that my iPod is locked? Will it not work otherwise? Right-click, properties, compatibility, select Windows XP service pack 2 — now install it and follow above steps. This worked immediately for me.

I had just removed an app in cydia and also turned off an unneeded mobile substrate and it was taking too long and felt like it was frozen so I rebooted my phone and that was the last time I saw the springboard. Since then I have used iphone browser and explorer and total commander or whatever that is, iphone tunnel to try to ssh and also irecovery. Irecovery works fine as far as accessing it but no good as far as fixing anything. I can get to recovery and dfu no sweat. My phone just goes to logo screen then stays for a few minutes then goes black for a few minutes then starts over.

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Thank you sooooo much. Between Saurik and the developers of this, you guys definitely saved my bacon. Took me a while, but finally got it to work on my windows xp media center sp2. Opened itunes then pressed Shift and clicked restore and selected the 3. When I got the error I ran blackra1n and it reboted back to 3. This will not work on Vista 64 bit. Use Windows XP 32 bit.

Also, if you are using iPhone 3. Running vista 32bit tried to upgrade to 3. You need to install http: Now extract the contents to desktop run cmd and then cd desktop follow instructions as per author phone should be connected in recovery mode. Two with XP, and one with Vista. Wow this is pissing me off. I tried the irecovery cause im using vista. I do everything and run as administrator and when i open it, it says that it is unable to locate component and closes. I tried the Mac on using WinRar to open the file. And whenever i try to open it it just pops up and closes automatically.

People people people. The first thing you should know is that the iRecovery tool does NOT work with an iphone with firmware 3. For those of you with 3. If you do not see this prompt you are NOT at a command prompt. And you probably have firmware 3. Entering in anything will have no effect. Read up a few comments and note that if your iphone is made in week 41 or newer of , it requires a tethered jailbreak meaning you can only reboot it when it is restarted while connected to a computer. The computer doesnt have those old mouse and keyboard slots either.

Hey guys, I have a 1st Gen IPod Touch, heard it works the same as the Iphones, well my issue is i keep getting the recovery screen every time, and no matter if i reset it with the sleep and home button but every time i get the apple for a few seconds then the itunes plug-in screen, then after about 20 seconds black screen again. Ive tried Blackra1n and i recovery, nothing is working, Need some help if you guys can!

I download this and when ever I click iRecovery it opens then closed like 2 second later. What am i doing wrong? I have LibUSB installed aswell. What exactly is LibUSB for?? Now I understand what is causing the permanent recovery. If you have a week 41 or newer iPhone you will only be able to have a tethered jailbreak.

This means if you have to reboot your iPhone or turn it off then turn it back on a full reboot, not just standby , you have to rerun blackra1n. You can determine your week based on your serial number in settings, general, about. Look the 3rd, 4th, and 5th digits. If it is larger than you will have a tethered jailbreak only. My phone has gone into permanent recovery mode twice now. The commands seemed to be accepted, but the iphone never left recovery mode. No reinstall required.

Now I am looking for the best way to backup the entire iphone, including the jailbreak apps, to my computer without iTunes. What I will say is it took about 15 goes to get this right, I ended up moving USB ports regulary and just continuing with the irecover -s and the rest with many many reboots but its running now. Thanks for this! It always stuck everytime I do a reset… any ideas?

Installing Blackra1n rc3 only solved the problem once. As soon as I reboot my iphone 3GS 3. I must use blackra1n each time, which is quite annoying and also use 10 Mo each time! Need to go pick up a PS2 keyboard from work tomorrow to fix that mess…. Under device manager it comes up as the apple recovery iBoot device but shows an error code 39, saying the device is unresponsive.

Please help! Download and run blackrain rc3.


How to Downgrade iPhone 3GS 3.1 to 3.0 OS

Run the blackrain. Works like a charm. Thanx very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very MUCH.

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Go to http: Brian, I experienced the same problem. Try rebooting your computer, and during boot up, tap F8 on your keyboard till the boot options appears. Once the menu appears, try selecting Last Known Good Configuration. The blogger really should update this post making it clear that libusb is designed for bit Windows. Vista user here.. Is it working with iphone 3gs 3. Hi I am using 3GS firmware 3. I tried the steps above fews time and installed all the file needed as instructed but still cannot. Could someone please make a step-by-step screenshot version for OSX users? I cannot get it work on a new 3GS with 3.

Everything seems to be ok, but after restart I stuck in recovery mode. So there is a rumor about Apple changing something in the iphones that are now shipped out of the company. And I tried using the commands on this tutorial but no luck. Is it my mac? I tried so many things but no luck. What are we to do??? Get a error message, ive tried everything i can think off and searched the net high and low but still no retore.

Any advice? Lastnight I downloaded a Cydia upgrade pack for some program called SQL and after this upgrade, Cydia kept stuck… I waited for a long time and decided to end the process and to reboot my Iphone. I tried to restore it via Itunes but it does not allow me to restore my 3. I also tried to re-jailbreak it via Redsnow, but again it stays stuck on the Apple Logo when it reboots after loading the jailbreak.. I havent syncd my iphone with itunes in over a year a lot of important contacts and pics which i cant afford to lose.

Could irecovery help considering i have the old iphone and software?? Hi there, i have a bit of a problem. Now i have typed in the commands chmod for irecovery and the libusb file, and put that into the lib folder on my mac. Ive tried and tried but it just isnt happening, if anyone could help me, it would be much appreciated, thanks guys. Hi I was able to type the three commands and restarted the iphone. But it still goes to into recovery mode.

I just bought the phone three days ago. Any help? I found valuable info on youtube. When I run the windows version on my XP and Vista computers, everything seems to work in the command mode, but when it restarts, it still is stuck in recovery mode. Any hints on how to get this to work on a mac? Thank you very much. If this doesnot work then try once more coz that how it worked for me…. In short here are the steps i did in detail: Everytime I input the commands i get bathc field not recognized and when I try to open iRecovery it opens and closes in a flash.

My 3gs is in recovery mode after crashing trying to uninstall ultrasn0w. Tried on a regular 32bit Windows XP box…. Thanks for this great little tool!!! Wait for the iPhone screen to turn black aka screen-off.

Trying to save contacts | AVForums

I am also trying to install this on a mac Tany It suppose to do that….. Am i doing anything wrong? Quick question.. Can I use these steps to get out of this problem? Is there a way I can find these version As I read this error code come up when downgrading the version which itunes does not allow.. Once I figured out the command terminal noob this worked great on my Mac! This was on a iPhone 3Gs running 3. This worked great!!! I use iPhone 3g Bricked, but needed to get back to 3.

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I downloaded everything and on the Libusb-Win32 I cant find windows xp? Can I use any of them? Also I try to bring up iRecovery and it will be up for a second and close it wont fully open. My iphone is stuck in the recovery mode loop. It shows the USB to itunes picture, but for some reason nothing recognizes it as being in recovery mode. I am able to get it into DFU mode, which is recognized in itunes, however, when I try to do a regular or custom restore, I get the 16XX errors.

Can some1 plz plz explain how to get this working under Ubuntu 9. I cant seem to get anywhere. So a step by step for dummies would be greatly appreciated. That is the only way the command will be recognized. I want to get my iphone fixed. Hey guys, i was having the same problems as some of you above for Win Xp so i will try my best to clarify the instructions that seems a little hard to get for some:.

Download the pack for the windows from the link above 2. Install usblib pack inside that folder 3. Copy libusb0. Then restart the phone as showed above. I was able to get this working after Saurik released the instructions but redsn0w will not work still. HMM any ideas? Please help ihane reset my 3gs and its not booting. I try to restore through itunes bit it not work any more any idea how to restart? Could somebody help me out I just got done unlocking and jailbreaking a iphone 2g to OS 3. How exactly do I go about following this?

Where do I need to put iRecovery at in windows xp? This is awesome! A cydia package upgrade messed up my iphone 3g. When I tried to restore my iphone it went into recovery mode. I just tryed what Waki said about getting irecovery to work , but it is not working for me. And I do not see in the drop down menu for Win XP. Can I just run it without selecting the compatibility mode? Thank you very much for this. I have just managed to get an iPhone 3G out of recovery mode. Lots of important data saved! Justy make sure you change your directory in the command prompt to the directory where you have installed irecovery.

And to the previous commenters: I experienced the same problem as you guys did at first, i. Upon seeing this, i manually restarted the iphone which of course put it in recovery mode and then tried connecting through iRecovery again, and this time iRecovery did find the iphone. So i guess for iRecovery to work, the iphone already needs to be in recovery mode..

I have the same problem.. I finaly manage to start it in the command prompt. I have a request. I have restored my iphone to 3. I saw your iRecovery instructions and am confused. I have zero Terminal experience, but can at least can now do restore. Can you do a more detailed hand-holding step-by-step version for us dummies? Your email address will not be published. You are here: August 13, at August 26, at Charlotte says: August 17, at 3: August 11, at BaLiaN u are awesome!!!!!!!

Aponkye says: April 29, at 8: February 1, at 8: January 30, at 8: January 27, at 8: January 27, at Zak says: January 22, at October 17, at Enjennings says: October 16, at 9: My iPhone 4 is stuck in recovery mode loop and my computer runs on windows 7, will this work?!? Obie says: October 15, at 2: For all 3G Users try Blackra1n and follow my Method above and you be free. October 15, at 1: Here are some helpful Tip: Follow the method and be free on all the hassle of iRecovery.

Thank U. HJ says: October 13, at 6: Big Thanks! MieLembu says: October 10, at 2: If your 3. Fuzzy will tell you if you cannot. I think anything newer than some version wont work. You can try with Fuzzyband. It will tell you. I have a 3G with J2Innet, you pretty much summed up my experience. I asked a bunch of hacker guys who run a lot of these site and they also confirmed that with our bootloader we have to wait. Nobody has developed an unlocker for what we have. We are in limbo. Thank you very much.

Lance, Depends on the baseband which you can check in your general settings, — about — modem firmware. If its the newest then you are locked up. The iPhone 3G can have its firmware downgraded, so this guide only applies to those. They are working on a jailbreak for 3. However, the baseband which controls the cell phone usage included for 3. Those whose iPhones came with 3. DanielGato, I have Maybe Lance should try it with Fuzzyband which he can get from Cydia. I guess I just wait for Dev Team to come with an solution: I have downgraded and my 3G iPhone from 3.

Its resolved by a restart but its a hassle to have to do so. Is this a common problem or is it just my phone? Hi Can someone help me? After i klick on ALT this come out: All your media and other data will be erased, and the newest version ot the iPhone software will be installed. By this point Im realy desperate.

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Many thanks for help. Billy, You are screwed like many of us. I accidentally updated my 3G to 3. The modern firmware is showing Does anyone have any idea when we should be expecting the unlocking program for this new updated baseband? I am planning to buy a new iphone 3gs with firmware 3. Can someone tell me if I can jailbreak it? And what happened if the phone stuck during re-boot. What I do then? Do I have to restore it and thus updating my firmware to 3.

Please help. Cathy, so far no one ever says it is possible to come up with a unlock for the new baseband.

At least all development team s effort are on JB took for 3. Unless these 2 are done, I think the teams will not spend time on the unlock. That is hell lot more difficult if there exists a possibility. Does anyone know anyway to to just wipe out the OS completely? Then we can restore back to 3. Hiii guys. Quick Q, if you manage 2 downgrade 3GS from 3. Only Apple. I mean, really? They bash Windows so much, but when was the last time you got a Microsoft product where the engineers work so hard to make it impossible to load alternative stuff on there?

The Xbox is super easy. What Apple does with the 3gs is sign its ipsw at the moment that it is launched for restore. It has to return a message from the Apple server that says: Blocking the signal is what makes the ipsw for 3.

One problem is that Apple no longer signs its 3. If anyone has any idea of how to return a false positive to itunes presumably this would mean modifying the itunes extensions themselves please post them. THIS is probably the only method for 3gs users that I can think of. I had a iphone 3gs 3. This is so silly. I am not confident of doing this downgrade either as so many 3GS user complaint about not getting it right. I also upgraded to 3. I am totally stuck. What should I do, I see only one solution: I have a 3g 8g from att, it was on 3.

Did the jailbrake and ultrasnow but it will not pick up the service. Can you guys help? Then you will be able to unlock….. Just changed to ATT. Thanks for your concern. I dont get 3g when I switch to my other SIM — reason being iphone has a different data plan!!! Can you give us some glimpse of hope, please?

How to fix this pls any1???? Thanks a million!! I followed the instructions up to 5 and it worked on the new itunes 9. I live in Kuwait the town of nowhere damn them,, and honestly am pissed of and so mad,,,i have windows vista on my laptop computer,,,I have itunes 9….

Hi IFE, when you upgraded your phone to 3. Your phone must be one unlocked before and when it got upgraded, it lost its unlock status and become original, one which only work with its original carrier e. Only their SIM work in your phone. This new 5X baseband currently is unlockable and so you have to wait until new tools come up. As a matter of fact, there had been enough warnings telling people not to upgrade to 3.

It is difficult to find method to unlock.