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  1. NaturalFront 3D Face Animation Plugin Free - Mac - Asset Store
  2. Digitally embody awesome characters using just a webcam
iClone 7 - Facial Mocap & Editing System

It lets you acquire and exchange 3D assets and media from a wide variety of sources quickly and easily. FBX is widely supported by the industry's leading software and hardware manufacturers and film studios. Motion Capture Software Real-Time Animation Tools Using tools that are designed for non-technical artists, you'll get instant playback of character performances, alleviating the need to preview or render your work.


NaturalFront 3D Face Animation Plugin Free - Mac - Asset Store

Unified Non-Linear Editing Environment The story timeline for pre-visualization and layout saves even more production time by allowing you to easily blend, edit and sequence tracks composed of animations, cameras, digital video, and audio. Back To Top.

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Real time facial motion capture with Kinect and Webcam.

Yes if only companies realize that if they over price things, the potential customer is likely to get extremely frustrated and create a free version of the same kind of product that may be superior and ultimately ends that company. I think some of them now realize like Autodesk that if they overprice, consumers get together and create open source that may rival their own.

New Member Group: We rent worldwide our Pro HD Headcam systems by the day or by the week. In addition, we offer digital video recorders, monitors, and everything you need for your performance capture needs.

Digitally embody awesome characters using just a webcam

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Try it Now. Facial Motion Capture Products Our facial motion capture products have been used on hundreds of titles, including Oscar-winning feature films , independent web series, and 7 of the top 10 games of How It Works. Analyze the facial motion from your videos Our robust facial recognition technology will automatically detect and track your performers face.


Apply the motion capture data to your characters Our animation software plugs-in to the most popular character animation packages. Easily refine and polish your facial animation We have features that allow you to easily manipulate, change , and embellish your results with ease. Per Seat License Fee Our software products can be purchased with a one-time upfront license payment and recurring annual maintenance and support subscription.