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Now press Wireless. Enter the password and verify whether the connection is successful or not. To check whether your connection is successful, print the Network report page.

Updating Mac OS X to Use the HP Printer Driver - HP Printers - HP

Click Continue to install it and a test print to check the alignment of the paper. Check whether you have the latest software with you and the software that you are going to download from Turn on the computer and printer. Make sure that the printer you are connecting should be on the same network as the computer.

Download the software and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation wizard. Select the type of connection if you are prompted to do so. Check whether you computer is connected to the wireless connection and not in a USB cable.

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You need to set your computer to the USB for retrieving the network settings from the computer to the printer. Your computer is connected to your network over 2. In the auto connect mode, your printer does not use a static IP address. The push button is the easiest method. Connect using your WPS. Check that your printer and device support WPS push button. Look for the manual for a clear view.


HP Customer Support - Software and Driver Downloads

Press the WPS on your router. HP ePrint is a free web service provided by HP to some of the printer models. The main feature of the HP ePrint is that it helps to print from anywhere in the world even when you are not near your printer. You need to send an email with an attachment which has to printed to the printer email address. You need to gather some of the requirements to access the HP ePrint.

The important requirements are connecting your printer to a wireless network with internet connection, sign up for an account in HP ePrint Center and your printer to the account.

HP Deskjet 1510 All-in-One Printer

Then follow the below guidelines to setup the HP ePrint. HP Deskjet Getting Started. If you are setting up the printer for the first time, you have to setup the power cord connections and other hardware settings in your printer Remove the printer and remove all the packing materials like stickers and tapes.

Open the scanner lid and remove the packing materials inside the lid. Recycle all the packing materials. Switch on the printer after connecting the power cords in the rear of printer and in an electrical outlet. Set your preferences according to your wish in the control panel. Insert a stack of paper and make it to slide in the paper width guides until they lightly rest against the edges of the paper.

The ink cartridge should be inserted by opening the cartridge access door. Insert the tri-color cartridge in the left slot and black cartridge in the right slot.

Deskjet 1510 workaround

Close the cartridge access door and press Ok. Follow the on-screen prompts and finish the process. After completing the above step, you should install the printer software from You can also use the installation CD that comes along with your printer. If you need further assitance, get instructions from support. You have to install the electronic Help by selecting in the recommended software when you are installing the software. If you need help in your Windows 8.

You have to select the printer name to get available help.

HP Deskjet Driver Download | Driver Boss

Trouble shooting issues Check whether your power cord connection are secured and your printer is switched on. The paper tray can feed up from the top of the printer, meaning that the acne feeds from the back. The tray is black, as opposed to other parts of the body. Also, it can accept pages of size A4 to 15 x 10cm.

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The printer gets points for being easily installed and set up. However, its capabilities have significantly challenged by its lack of wireless support and functionalities. It is able to print about seven black and white printer per minute seamlessly. However, its color page count is much lower. It can manage just two color prints per minute. The scanner is also pretty satisfactory. The printing speed on this printer is seven pages per minute for black and white prints, while color prints will get done at a rate of 4 pages per minute.

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Sizes acceptable for printing can vary from A4 to 15 x 10cm as well. The printing resolution lastly, is an acceptable x dpi. Tests have shown that the color graphics on this printer have minimal signs of patchiness. However, for the best results as regards quality, it is better you get a black and white print. One of the most notable setbacks of this printer is its lack of smartphone or wireless technology. That means that if you are looking to attain seamless connections and you want a printer that can easily be accessed by multiple devices, this might not necessarily be the one for you.

That should count for something. Scanning is also possible on this printer, and the overall scanning resolution is x dpi.